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Billing FAQs

Pay My Bill

If you have questions regarding billing or would like to make a payment, please contact the Billing & Customer Service Office using the phone number below.

Billing FAQs

Your payment may not be showing on your monthly statement due to how our system applies payments to the oldest balance first.  And, to keep our statements as simple as possible, we do not print dates of service that are fully paid.

For example, if the payments you made at the clinic fully satisfied the balance of your first two visits, those dates of service and their payments would not show up on your monthly statement.

If you are still concerned that we may not be reflecting the total amount you paid, please call 720-497-6637 or email

Due to how patient payments are applied, your payments may not show up on your statement in the same amounts you originally paid them.

For example, if you paid $20 at your first visit and your insurance only left you a responsibility of $11.00 for that visit, only $11.00 will show as paid by you for that date. The remaining $9.00 will be applied to your other visits.

The reverse can also be true – your insurance may leave you responsible for more than what you paid at your visit. In that case, if you paid $20 at your first and second visits but your insurance left you a responsibility of $35 for your first visit, $20 of your first payment and $15 of your second payment would be used to pay the first visit in full. Your statement would show you paid $35 on the first visit.  The remaining $5 of the second payment would be applied to your second visit’s patient responsibility.

Your payments will always be applied to your oldest dates of service.

If you are still concerned that we may not be reflecting the total amount you paid, please call 720-497-6637 or email

Yes. Unless you do not have insurance or did not provide your insurance information to us, we will bill your insurance and wait until we receive their response before sending you a statement. There are very few exceptions.

If you believe we may need updated information, please call 720-497-6637 or email for assistance.  You may also fill out the Patient/Insurance Information table on the back of your statement and mail it to the return address found on the statement.

This usually is due to one of two reasons.

Your insurance has a co-insurance instead of a copay.  A copay is a set fee for a visit but a co-insurance is a percentage of the billed amount.  We collect for either at the time of service, but since a co-insurance is an estimate, the actual balance could be different.  Please check your individual health plan to confirm your benefits.

Your insurance may have informed us of a lower estimate than your actual plan during our courtesy verification.  If you feel this is the case, please check your individual health plan to confirm your benefits.

We apply your payments to cover any balances on your oldest dates of service first. (Please see the answer to “Why is my payment not showing on the statement?” for additional information).

If you are still concerned that we may not be reflecting the total amount you paid, please call 720-497-6637 or email

Your daily charges are based on the type of treatment you received, the length of time spent in each treatment, and the intent of the treatment.

These charges are generated based on your therapist’s notes entered after every visit.

If you feel the charges are not matching your treatment sessions, please call call 720-497-6637 or email

Our Customer Support team is happy to assist you with any question or complaint. Please feel free to call 866-518-0283.

You can contact the Medical Records department directly by calling 720-497-6690 or by faxing a request to 720-497-6734.

You can obtain your current balance by calling 720-497-6637 or emailing

We often provide itemized, or detailed, statements to our patients.

These “statements” are a list of all charges, payments, and adjustments made on the account and are often requested for tax or healthcare spending accounts (HSA/FSA).

Itemized statements can also be useful in gaining a greater understanding of the balance owed.

To request an itemized statement for your account, please call 720-497-6637 or email

There are many possible explanations for non-payment or partial payment from your health plan. Common explanations include:

  • An unmet plan deductible
  • Record of a different primary insurance
  • Maximum benefit limit reached

We strongly encourage you to refer to your explanation of benefits (EOB), or insurance summary, from your health plan for more information.

Your health plan will usually send out these summaries to members or they are made available for download off the insurance company’s website. They contain important information related to how your health plan is processing your claims.

If you still have questions after you speak with your insurance plan, please call 720-497-6637 or email

For more information regarding payment plan options, eligibility and terms, please call 720-497-6637 or email